The Trade Agreements Act Citation: What You Need to Know

The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) is a federal law that was created to promote fair trade and open competition in government procurement. The TAA requires that the government only purchase products that are made in the United States or in designated countries that have trade agreements with the US. The TAA also requires that the products meet certain standards of quality and have been manufactured in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

If you are a government contractor or supplier, it is important to understand how the TAA affects your products. One key aspect of the TAA is the requirement for a TAA citation. A TAA citation is a statement that certifies that the product being supplied is compliant with the TAA. This citation must be provided for all products that are manufactured outside the US or in designated countries.

So, what exactly is a TAA citation and how do you include it in your products? A TAA citation is a statement that is included on the packaging, labeling, or other documentation for the product. The citation must include the following information:

– The name of the country where the product was manufactured

– The manufacturer’s name and address

– The manufacturer’s TAA compliance statement

– The date the statement was signed

The TAA citation should be prominently displayed on the product or packaging so that it is easily visible to the purchaser. It is also important to note that the TAA citation must be updated if there are any changes to the product or the manufacturing process.

In order to ensure that your products are TAA compliant and that you include the correct TAA citation, it is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced government contracts attorney. A government contracts attorney can assist you in understanding the requirements of the TAA and can help you navigate the complex compliance issues that can arise.

In conclusion, if you are a government contractor or supplier, it is important to understand the requirements of the TAA and the importance of including a TAA citation on your products. By working with a government contracts attorney, you can ensure that your products are compliant with the TAA and that you are meeting all applicable regulations and standards.